Wind farm optimisation and life extension

Ventus have developed a two-step model to create an overview of wind farm health condition and accurately determine wind farm asset status.

Based on data analysis and inspection reports, analyse, and determine root course for underperformance and perform necessary adjustments, repair and preventative maintenance in line with Ventus repair and/or replacement recommendations.
This will reduce loads, risk and service costs over remaining lifetime to a minimum, improve energy production within the wind turbine design envelope.

Upon completion, we install TripleCMAS™ (Critical Component Condition Monitoring and instant Alarm System) and LEDS™ (Lightning and Electrostatic Discharge System) to maintain the results and reduce and monitor risk and condition of health for the extension of the Wind farm remaining lifetime.

Ventus insurance packages can now be offered to the wind farm owner as the loads and risks have been reduced to a minimum and a full monitoring package has been implemented which will give early warning thereby preventing catastrophic failures.